Magnolia Teddy Bear

Magnolia Teddy Bear

This teddy bear reminded me of the flowers that bloom every spring on the magnolia tree in my back yard, so I found her a miniature magnolia bloom to hold (she is barely larger than the huge flowers that smell so wonderful!).

Magnolia is a 10" teddy bear made of a white wool-backed mohair.  She is fully jointed with cotter-pin joints, has glass eyes, hand-embroidered nose, and is holding a miniature magnolia blossom.

Magnolia is a limited edition teddy bear of ten, with eight remaining.  Click on Magnolia's picture for a larger view.

To purchase Magnolia with MasterCard or Visa, click the "Adopt Me!" button below.   If you would like to purchase Magnolia by check or money-order, please email me for ordering information.

Please allow two to four weeks to receive your teddy bear.

$50.00 (price includes US shipping) (please click here for shipping and handling costs).